\\ˈgrəbə(r)\ noun (-s)
Etymology: Middle English, from grubben to grub + -er
1. : one that grubs: as
a. : one that digs in the ground

controlling her spinning maids and the grubbers in the walled garden — Sinclair Lewis

b. : a laborious or plodding worker : drudge

the private browsing grounds of historical grubbers

the grubbers … almost unceasingly preoccupied with money — New Republic

(1) : a hand tool (as a grub ax) for use in grubbing
(2) Britain : a cultivator that breaks up the surface of land by digging : chisel II 2
(1) : a person who grubs up trees, stumps, or brush
(2) : an implement (as a grub hook) for grubbing up trees, stumps, or brush
2. : bonefish 1

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